Snack Display Case Lumiere-IFI

Model : Lumiere

Lumiere Applications:

  • Ice-Cream 
  • 4 Seasons (Refrigeration – Freezer)
  • Pastry 
  • Pastry/Praline
  • Cold snack
  • Hot snack

The new multifunctional display case Lumiere is recognisable by the distinctive curving of the front glass. It is heated with tungsten wires, a technology bored from the car industry for high thermodynamic performance.

 An application of technology assisted by the rear closing system HCS (Hermetic Closing System) which was invented by IFI to the advantage of the quality of ice-cream, the hygiene and the saving of energy.

This system allows, with the aid of an integrated sensor, the reduction of the number of defrosts according to the actual opening time of the display case and the limitation of the access of the external air only during serving.

• Exceptional visibility of the ice-cream

• The RDF system reduces the number of defrosts, which are activated based on the time that the display case is actually open, benefiting the preservation of the ice-cream.

• Energy saving and greater hygiene thanks to the combination of RDF and the hermetic closing HCS

• LED lighting

• Elevated air flow 8cm form the edge of the bowl

• Safe opening of the front glass thanks to the reinforced servo-pistons

The Lumiere is available in 3 models 12,5/162,2/212,5cm for ice-cream, 4 seasons (Refrigiration - Freezer), pastry, praline as well as cold and hot snack with 2 different kinds of closing and a number of equipment for versatile use in every application.

 With the Lumiere series you can have a complete shop with a lot of services, like pastry, praline, ice-cream, 4 seasons, hot and cold snack, so as to have a perfect and of high quality aesthetic result.


HSC : Hermetic Closing System

1. The back panel is made of Fibreglass and it is easy and quick for everyone to operate since it slides up and down and it is more practical. When it is open, it allows many operators to work comfortably at the same time and with the greatest effectiveness.

2. Thanks the the reduced number of defrosts, the HCS activates the defrosting based on how long the display case is actually open and not on predetermined times.

3. The HCS reinforces hygiene : The panel which slides along the display case, does not collect any dirt that ends up in the ice-cream in the form of drops. Moreover, guides are not required, as required in the sliding doors, or hinges for the roller night-shade, which collect bacteria. The panel is also very easy to clean.

4. Even at the display of the ice-cream, the HCS display cases can be used as refrigeration cabinets preserving the ice-cream.

5. The display cases with the HCS system allow the saving of energy and the motor has got a greater life span (always compared to the display cases which have got sliding doors or roller night-shade). The energy saving is about 15%.


Lumiere Plus

The Lumiere is a renowned display case.

Thanks to its innovative shape of the front glass with the double curving, the Lumiere is unique in its kind in the area of display cases.



Pyrolytic, tempered and heated glasses. The pyrolytic glass undergoes a  processing with a protective coating which makes it refractive to the external radiation so that the internal temperature remain stable. 

This protective coating is a conductive oxide which, if connected to electricity, heats the whole surface preventing in this way the condensation and the accumulation.


Product visibility

The complete lack of stands and of horizontal parts on the front glass, along with the 9° inclination of the display surface, offers adults and children a perfect visibility of the products.


Glasses – Safe opening

The front glass is opened with servo-controlled pistons which function with gas helping the movement downwards.

 When the glass is closed, the pistons are fully hidden and invisible.

The shelf can be used as a handle so that you open the glass and besides it is a serving shelf.


LED lighting

The Lumiere display case has got LED lighting. LED (Light Emitting Diode) offers different benefits compared to the traditional lighting of the display cases. 

  • Longer lifespan
  • Less consumption with the same lighting
  • Very low heat production

The bowl can be filled with ice-cream up to 8cm above the edge.

The forced refrigeration system with the double evaporator provides an elevated air flow which guarantees uniform ice-cream temperature and allows  us to fill the bowl up to 8cm above its edge.


 Lumiere : Ice-cream

The Lumiere ice-cream display case is a real first lady, playing the part of the leader in every ice-cream shop or in any shop you want to put it.

  The forced refrigeration system has got double evaporator with elevated air flow which ensures uniform ice-cream temperature inside the display case allowing the ice-cream to appear in higher position and 8cm above its edge of the bowl.

The top part of the display case has got a slightly elliptical shape and it is completed with an exceptionally advanced serving shelf, useful to put cones or ice-cream cups on

The Lumiere has been tested in 35°C with 60% humidity. 

The working temperature is -12°/-18°C.


 Lumiere : Ice-Cream sticks and single portions

 Ice-Cream Stick : Accessory made of bent stainless steel. It can be put in a 36x25cm bowl. 

Single portions : There are 2 sizes available : 36x33cm and 36x16,5cm. The accessory has got a stainless tray with raised edges and a second tray  made of perforated Plexiglass for single portions: 25 big ones or 14 small ones.


Lumiere : 4 Seasons

 From Ice-cream to Pastry display case in just 3 moves :

1. Remove the bowls from the display case.

2. Put the stainless trays.

3. Modify the setting on the control panel.

The Lumiere display case in the 4 Seasons version can be used as an ice-cream display case (-12°/-18°C) or as a pastry display case (+4°/+8°C with 60/70% humidity), simply by pressing the switch button.

Thanks to the Lumiere 4 Seasons you can change your shop from an ice-cream shop to a pastry one, according to the season or according to your customers' demands.

Optional accessories : On the display surface of the display case, a stainless shiny shelf can be put instead of the bowls when the display case is used for pastry or cold snacks.


Lumiere : Technical information

• Shelf : The serving shelf is 20cm deep and it is put directly on the front glass. It can be used as a handle to open the front glass and besides, it is very useful to put cups and ice-cream cones on.

• LED : The lamp is shiny aluminium and it is equipped with LED which means highly visibility of the ice-cream and reduced energy consumption).

• Double curved glass : Double, heated, pyrolytic, tempered glasses with double curve on the front glass

• Connection : The Lumiere ice-cream display case can be connected and combined with other ice-cream display cases with or without separating glass as well as with other Lumiere display cases of different applications, like praline or snack, etc. so as to have a complete shop.

• Folding pistons : Servo-controlled opening and closing of the front glass with pistons which function with gas.

• Control panel : The control panel is at  the bottom of the display case on the operator's side.

• Bowl dividers : Each bowl has got the same distance from its adjacent one with dividers which can be put so as to fit in bowls 36x16,5cm or 36x25cm.

• HCS closing system : HCS closing means double panel made of Fibreglass, closing sensor and reduced defrosting system RDF (Reduced Defrosting Frequency).

• Closing with sliding doors : The sliding doors function in guides in the internal side of the bench of the display case (Condensation, as long as there is one, gathers in the doors and not in the ice-cream.).

• Glasses : Pyrolytic, tempered and heated front glass

• Ventilation : The form and the place of the ventilation has been carefully thought of so as to give the motor the right ventilation.


Lumiere : Pastry

The refrigeration system is forced with working temperature +4°/+8°C. The display surface is made of stainless steel resistant to scratches. 

 The Lumiere display case for pastry has got an impressive personality and there are 3 models 112,5/162,5/212,5cm deep. It has also got LED lighting.

 The display surface is 78,8cm deep and it consists of stainless shiny removable shelves.

For the preservation of the products the refrigeration system has been designed so as to achieve the appropriate humidity which is 60/70%. The condensation unit has got a double ventilator equipped with pressure switch : It provides all these with reduced heat and noise for the operator. It is tested in 35°C with 60% humidity.


Lumiere : Praline/Pastry

Lumiere and chocolate :

It is the perfect match. The display surface has got 5,5° inclination and it is 78,8cm deep. The refrigeration system is designed so as to fully control the humidity.

The Lumiere for praline is available in 3 models, 112,5/162,5/212,5cm deep with 1 shelf.

The Lumiere display case is actually 2 display cases in 1 : The same display case can be used for praline +14°C with 45% humidity or for pastry +4°/+8°C with 60/65% humidity.

 The only thing we have to change is the temperature and the humidity setting on the control panel.


Lumiere : Hot snack

The Lumiere display case for hot snack has got dry heat and it is available in 2 models, 112,5/162,5cm deep with 1 shelf. The display surface is black glass with serigraphy resistance.

The working temperature can reach up to 80°C. There is an electronic control panel with a digital thermostat on the operator's side and one on the customer's side.


Lumiere : Cold snack

 The refrigeration system +4°/+8°C is forced. The display case is available in 3 models, 112,5/162,5/212,5cm deep.

The display surface is 78,8cm deep and consists of removable shelves made of shiny stainless steel.

 The glass shelf is 24cm deep. 


Product information

• Mono-bloc tank with polyurethane insulation (40kg/m³)

• Body made of stainless steel painted with epoxy powder in 180°C 

• Glass frame 

• Working temperature +4°/+8°C for the pastry versions

• Evaporator with resistance for the pastry

• Serving shelf on the top glass panel

• LED lighting

• 5,5° inclination of the display surface with 78,8cm depth for the pastry versions

• Removable stainless parts with shiny ending in the pastry versions

• Electronic thermostat on both the operator's side and the customer's side

• The front glass opens downwards.

• Sliding doors made of Plexiglass

• Shelf 20cm deep for the pastry version

• Heated, pyrolytic, tempered front glass 

• Forced refrigeration system with double evaporator

• Elevated air flow up to 8cm for the ice-cream models

• Hot gas defrosting for the models with internal motor (UC) and reverse cycle for the models with external motor (NUC)

• Optional equipment : Scoop and wheels for easy transfer

• Optionally, tropicalization : Remote motor tested in +43°C environmental temperature

• Certifications : CE for Europe, Gost Standard for Russia and ETL for North America

• Tested in 35°C with 60% humidity

• It is available in the following units :  


Bowls 36x16,5cm / 36x25cm

  • 112,5 (6+6 / 4+4)
  • 162,5 (9+9 / 6+6)
  • 212,5 (12+12 / 8+8) 

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